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Yogi of the Month

January 2020 Yogi of the Month

Leslie Anagnostakis

The New Year brings in a new Yogi of the month, Leslie!

Nikki: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do?

Leslie: I have been practicing yoga for 3 years. Additionally, I do strength training and I ride my horse as much as possible.

Nikki: What brought you to YogaSpark?

Leslie: I was looking for a studio that was hot, athletic yoga with great teachers and no drama. So, a friend recommended YogaSpark. Perfect match!

Nikki: How does yoga add to the rest of your life outside the hot room?

Leslie: So much of what I learn and practice in yoga influences the person I want to be in my life which is healthy, strong, compassionate, thoughtful, free of negativity, and to push myself out of my comfort zone as much as possible.

Nikki: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you?

Leslie: Yoga is self-discovery.