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Yogi of the Month

November Yogi of the Month


This month we celebrate one of our Annual Members who always brings his awareness and focus to the mat. We are so grateful to have him around year-round! Check out more from Ian below.

Nikki: When did you start practicing at YogaSpark and how did it affect your practice?
Ian: I have been practicing at YogaSpark for a couple of years but made a stronger commitment back in May of this year to make yoga a regular part of my life.

Nikki: What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Ian: Savasana of course! More seriously, High Lunge because my hip flexors are chronically tight and that pose gets right in there and is a nice balancing challenge. Also, Crow as this was a position I never thought I
could do until I was able to start doing it recently.

Nikki: If you could describe yoga in one word what would it be and why?
Ian: Fusion because Yoga fuses strength training, stretching, meditation and mindfulness (and a lot of sweating).