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Yogi of the Month

August 2023 Yogi of the Month


Meet Our August Yogi of the Month, Cathy!

Q: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do? I practiced yoga on and off six years ago including lyengar yoga which I loved for deep stretching. Walks, strength training, and soul cycle are some of my other go to exercises.
Q: What brought you to YogaSpark? My dear friend Veronica and I enjoy exploring different workouts together. We practiced yoga previously and she invited me to join her at Yoga Spark. I had never tried hot yoga, but I went in with any open mind. To my surprise I loved it. The sweating, the music, the energy was so powerful and addictive in a spiritual way. The staff and all the teachers are so committed and passionate, and no matter what level of yoga, you feel that you are part of this beautiful, supportive community. The cold tea tree towel is perfect for the cool down. I have not stopped coming!
Q: What do you love about practicing hot power yoga? I absolutely love that Yoga is meditative. Yoga makes me focus, listen, and stay in the moment. I pay more attention to my body not only for great workouts but also for a healthy mind. The hot room provides a space that brings a sense of calm and peace while moving with mindful breathing as I explore each pose. What I do on the mat also helps what I do in life off the mat. I have noticed that I do feel lighter, more balanced, and have clarity. It improves all aspects of my life. My family tells me I’m radiating energy and glowing since hot yoga.
Q: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you? FOCUS – I focus on my mind, body and breathing. I focus on positive thoughts and improving myself on and off the mat.
Q: What's your current favorite song to flow to? The yoga instructors teach their flows to dynamic and inspirational playlists. Too many favorite songs, but if pressed I would say right now, I’m enjoying flowing to Doja Cat’s song, Attention. It’s funky and soulful like hot power yoga.
Q: Do you have a favorite quote? “I accept, love, and forgive myself. I am brave, powerful, and beautiful”. I heard this phrase in a Yoga Spark class and it really resonated with me. I repeat it often. It’s become a personal mantra.
Q: What yoga pose do you love practicing right now? The crow pose is my favorite right now. When I started hot yoga a few months ago, I could not imagine my feet ever coming off the ground in crow pose. Now I feel all parts of my body getting stronger and working to lift me up and yes, I finally got my toes off the ground.
Q: Tell us one non yoga factoid about you: I Love dancing Salsa especially with my family!