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Yogi of the Month

June 2023 Yogi of the Month


Q: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do? I found yoga on Mother's Day in 2018 but only started truly practicing yoga in 2019. Beyond yoga I enjoy running and strength training.
Q: What brought you to YogaSpark? I found YogaSpark when I was on the hunt for some me time. I had my three kids in three years and needed to take some time out for myself a few times a week.
Q: What do you love about practicing hot power yoga? It's this YogaSpark community! In the beginning of my practice I would show up and simply go through the motions but there is truly something special about the YogaSpark hot room. I love the energy, the people, the teachers and the commitment it lights up in me to be the best version of myself.
Q: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you? Self-Care
Q: What's your current favorite song to flow to? I mean music is a good portion of why we come to YogaSpark so I can't say one but any Leon Bridges song.
Q: Do you have a favorite quote? What makes you different or weird, that's your strength.
Q: What yoga pose do you love practicing right now? I love a dramatic entrance into warrior 2
Q: Tell us one non yoga factoid about you. Many moons ago I played Belle at Disney world