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Yogi of the Month

August Yogi of the Month

Tanya Preisser

Tanya Preisser is one of our tried and true Westchester Yogis who brings her genuine joy and love to the mat every time she practices!!!

August Yogi Of the Month:
In August we want to celebrate one of our tried and true yogis, Tanya Priesser! She brings such a positive light with her onto her mat and is such a huge part of our community!
Read more about her below:

Nikki: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do?

Tanya: I started practicing about 11 years ago before my daughter was born with Bikram. In addition to yoga I stand up paddleboard regularly, weight train and I like to indoor rock climb with my daughter now.

Nikki: What brought you to YogaSpark?

Tanya: The candlelight class! When I read about the candlelight class approximately 4 years and that it was power yoga with fun music, I was immediately intrigued and after the first class I was hooked.

Nikki: You have been practicing with us for awhile now. What is your favorite part of the hot practice and do you find it affects your daily life?

Tanya: My favorite part is the energy that it generates both physically and mentally. There is nothing as revitalizing as practicing at Yoga Spark- it's incredible! The balance of the physical rigor while in class, the enjoyment that comes from the music and the energy of the teachers and then the sense of accomplishment and peace afterwards is unlike anything i have ever felt.
Yoga spark has become a sanctuary for me and I have personally grown from being a part of the yoga spark community. I feel physically and mentally stronger with an embodied sense of peace and grace. Yoga has helped me to become a graceful warrior.

Nikki: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you?

Tanya: The quieter you become the more you hear and learn.